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How to Trade

Trading Binary Options is an easy, flexible way to trade many types of assets offered on international trading markets. When trading binary options you are essentially predicting if the movement of the market will cause the price of the asset to end higher or lower than the price at execution of the trade, in the time frame chosen from the available time options.


There is no fixed price for the option but there is a fixed return which allows you, as the trader to decide on the investment amount.


The return or “payout” can be as high 318% on an asset with time frames ranging from 60 seconds to 1 hour.


Trading a Binary Option can be done in a few simple steps. Firstly choose the asset that you would like to trade. This can be a stock, commodity, currency or indices.


Say you choose the EUR/USD and the current price is 1.3500 (strike price) and the “payout” is 85%, you can trade the option in these simple steps:


1.Choose your trade type ; High/Low or 60 Seconds

2.Click on “Call” if you predict that the price will end higher than the strike price or “Put” if you predict it will end lower than the strike price.

3.Choose the time frame (if you haven’t selected the 60 second option) from the Expiry Dropdown

4.Choose your trade amount, say $1000, from the amount dropdown or type the amount into the investment box

5.Click “Trade”


If your prediction is correct then you have just made a profit on your investment of $850.

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